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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pick A Site Where To Drill The Well?

  1. Must meet all setback requirements
  2. Do not put in an area that may be in the way of future plans:
    1. future additions
    2. pools
    3. keep an access to back of house to do repairs
  3. Keep away from electric lines
  4. keep away from driveway to avoid driving over it
  5. Make sure there is enough access to get a drill rig to the site
  6. Tip: Some customers prefer to put wells in flower beds - this will eliminate having to mow around the well plus it will not be as noticeable.

Is There Any Routine Maintenance Required For Our Water Well System?

It is recommended that you chlorinate your well once a year. This will keep your well free from any bacteria that may form in your system. Please refer to the Chlorinating/Shocking Your Well section on the pump services page.